Witch Doctor

What does a Witch Doctor do?

A witch doctor is a village priest or priestess or occult specialist that people in that town, vicinity or village go to for “alternative” medicines.

Examples include/included:

  • herbal therapies when they or a family member are sick as well as for
  • help magickally in every area of their lives such as
    • love,
    • finances,
    • revenge,
    • getting money owed paid,
    • real estate,
    • job, business

… etc.

Witch doctors may also perform other ceremonies such as marriages, death rites and funerals, but generally they are known as the spell casters and healers of the community.

Tarot Reading For Spells

Tarot Readings WITH Spells?

This is a very interesting topic that many clients and web visitors ask me. They want to know if they should get a tarot reading – before, during and/or after casting a spell. I say YES!

Another question I get is, can you cast a spell using the tarot cards? Another YES!

Lets’ explore each question further.

Getting tarot readings regarding spells:

Before you cast – get a tarot reading.

Lets’ face it, there are so many variables in relationships that one minute things might seem to be perfect and the next minute – BAM! – it all falls apart.

If you ever want to cast any type of spell (whether it be money, relationship, break up spell, etc…) I highly recommend getting a psychic reading FIRST.

Why? Because a tarot reading can help you (and the spell caster) understand what “hidden” forces are working with/against your desires, and offer ways to get the spell moving FASTER to manifest your goals.

You can even get a “second opinion” (like going to a second doctor to see if the diagnosis is same/similar), so you are not locked to just someone you are considering casting a spell with. (In fact, I highly recommend you go to at least 1 more psychic before deciding to cast a spell, even if you want me to cast it for you! Check out my recommended Psychics page.)

This way, you can be assured if a spell will work, or not, if there are delays and approximately how long it will take for the spell to work.

During The Spell Casting – For Psychics Only

Many psychics and spell casters perform a tarot reading (or mini psychic reading using other tools) to divine how a spell will go, how it will progress, and if there is anything else needed to make the spell work.

I don’t see much value for a client (or you) to do a tarot reading during the spell casting, because the information is really more useful to the spell caster as they cast the spell (or shortly thereafter).

It serves more as a “guide” to the spell caster.

After The Spell Casting – Give it Time Though

If its’ been more than 1 month and you haven’t seen any results, I suggest a tarot reading (with the spell caster or someone else) just to see the progress of your spell.

The reason I say give it at least 1 month is because by then you should begin to see results, and if not – then a psychic reading will help you assess the progress of the spell.

A good psychic will be able to tell you if there is more to be done, or if the spell will be delayed for some reason, and what to do (if anything) or what to expect from any further actions.

Again, you can go back to the person who cast your spell for you in the first place, or another psychic, or even yourself if you have psychic talents.

How about Tarot Spells – do they work?

Sure they do! The tarot cards have energies and vibrations and you can use them as part of a spell for any thing you want!

I suggest learning more about how to cast spells, and the tarot itself before attempting to incorporate a spell using the tarot though.

We cast all types of spells – including using tarot cards, black and white magick and more!

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Love Witch

What does a love witch do?

A love witch will:

  • Cast a spell to help you be seen as more attractive to others.
  • Help you find your true soulmate.
  • Help you and your twin flame be together.
  • Remove any obstacles that are in the way to your romantic happiness.
  • Cast sex and lust spells.
  • Cast love binding and obsession spells.
  • Help marriages stay together.
  • Cause someone to fall desperately and irrevocably in love with you.
  • Help keep your lover faithful.

A love witch concentrates on “love” spells.

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Break Up Spells Wrong

Are break up spells ethically and morally wrong?

It depends on what the ultimate purpose of the breakup spell is.

If you are a mother frantic and in despair because your child is with someone who is abusive, and your child for some reason refuses to leave (or is afraid to). Then a breakup spell is completely justified.

If you are a scorned woman (or man) who’s best friend stole your lover, with no remorse (meaning that person doesn’t care what turmoil they wrecked in your life) – casting a break up spell to cause a BITTER end to that relationship, is not only “karmic payback”, its’ F-U-N! (sorry, are my “horns” showing? This is NOT your ordinary witch talking! Don’t mess with me, my bite is FIERCE!)

If you are in-lust, obsessed and just are hung-up on someone, who is currently unavailable, and you wish to cast a break up spell to bring that person back to you (or maybe give you a chance in the first place), then it depends on how “nasty” the spell is cast. (There are mild, moderately damaging, and NASTY break ups!)

Most people have a “reason” for casting a break up spell. Do not be ashamed of your reason(s)! No one can judge your feelings. No one has a right to!

When I cast a break up spell, the first thing I do is do a psychic reading to see the STATE of the relationship and the potential benefits (or not) of casting the spell.

Not all break up spells work unfortunately. There are usually a long list of reasons why they might fail, but most of the time the reason is that the client waited too long (i.e. too much time has past).

This is especially true when you want to break up your exes current relationship so you can be reconciled and get back together again.

The longer you wait, the more feelings of resentment and “its’ over” your ex will feel towards you, and the more opportunity to bond with their current partner.

So if you want to cast that break up spell, do it FAST. The sooner the better!

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Emergency Love Spells Break up Spells

Have an emergency and need fast working love spells, break up spells? 

Then read on!

When to cast love spells and break up spells:

  1. You and your lover just broke up.
  2. You and your lover have stopped talking (even if you’re still technically together).
  3. You caught your lover cheating, or know they are with someone else.

The best time to cast a love spell and break up spell is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

The more time that passes, the more damage to your relationship. Its’ like going to a doctor and catching a symptom “early” – allowing the doctor to help you. If you wait too late, then there can be some ugly consequences!

So it is with love spells and break up spells. The longer you wait, the harder things become.

Not impossible, but you may have to deal with all the “build-up” that happened (they no longer even want to be “nice” to you, they are rude, and/or they simply stop talking to you!).

Do “emergency love spells” and “emergency break up spells (to terminate the relationship between two people) exist?

Yes! But again, I cannot stress enough to cast the spells as soon as possible, that way you and your lover can be together all that much sooner, and avoid the unpleasantness of break-ups and relationship troubles.

“But the person I love is already with someone else and we are not together, will a love spell work?”

Yes. But it really does depend on length of separation time. Over 1 year is NOT impossible, but there is a lot of work to be done when the two of you DO get back together.

“What if I want to break someone up before they get married? Their wedding is in X (days, weeks, months) away. Will it still work?

This is truly a case of an emergency spell casting and depending on how soon you cast – the spell will work. But if you are waiting like DAYS before they get married, then it is better to cast the spell anyway – they can still be broken up, even after they’ve married (ever heard of Kim K and her 72 day marriage! Boy doesn’t she regret it right? Or how about Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, married all of 55 hours in 2004! It happens even in “normal” people too!

So do not despair. If you’re brokenhearted because the one you love no longer loves you – or is with someone else, a spell can still work.

Just cast it “as quickly” as possible, to reap the benefits!

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Spell to break up a couple

If you are seeking a spell to break up a couple, try the famous “lemon break up spell” found on Youtube (note: we are NOT affiliated with this youtuber! (C)opyright Youtube and spell caster on that channel – however this is a classic Hoodoo style spell you can do yourself).

Need Personalized Help In Break Up Spells?

If you have already tried that spell or others on your own and are not getting results – then you may need a psychic reading to see WHY it is not working for you and if you should try again or “move on”.


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