Animal Sacrifice For Love Spells

Animal Sacrifice For Love Spells

Important: a ritual involving animal sacrifice for love spells should only be done by experienced spell casters!

Side Note: “race” has NOTHING to do with animal sacrifice. Do not think it is only done in the rural areas of Africa or Haiti! Above are two wealthy “WHITE” women in a major movie about to stick a pin in the heart of a dove – as part of a love spell. (Did I mention they practice “Wicca” in the movie???) Stop with the stereotypes!

The ritual involves invoking the assistance of deity, spirit, nganga, etc… – and that particular spiritual force requires blood sacrifice from animal to make the love spell work.

I don’t take these requests lightly. The animal is sacrificed in a fast, ritualistic manner so it doesn’t suffer. (Think Judaism and “kosher”).

The blood and sometimes the meat is offered to the spiritual force responsible as “payment” to do the love work on the target individual.

Yes, “payment”.

The Wiccan’s say “you either pay in this life – or the next”, meaning payment is required for anything to work with spells.

Whether it be monetary payment (to the spell caster who then buys the needed ritual items to do the spell plus their labor) – or the actual “offering” (can be candles, oils, perfumes, cigars, rum/whiskey, food, special “drapos” (Vodoun ritual/ceremony ornate hand-made drapes) etc…) – payment is required.

In order for trees to grow, fertile ground, sun, wind, water is required.

Life has “needs” required. So do spells.

When casting a spell revolving sacrificing an animal (can be a dove, to a goat – depends on the spiritual entity/force accepting the “job”/spell work) – it must be done in a ritualistic manner according to the spirit one is working with.

Special prayers, chants, words of powers are spoken over the animal.

The request for the exchange of the animal’s blood for the thing you desire is a serious moment.

Please do not attempt doing this at home yourself!

Please seek help from an experienced witch/spell caster.

We are available to discuss privately “if” this is your only option.

Many love spells exist WITHOUT the need of animal sacrifice.

Many deities, ancestors, spirits, energy forces do not require animal sacrifice.

However, NOTHING tops this for efficacy and speed of manifestation – even when everything else has failed.

Speak with me to discuss privately if this is an option – Contact Me now.

Animal Sacrifices To Break Up Evil

Animal sacrifices are one of the most powerful forms of magic because the creature is exchanging their life force for the thing you desire.

Animal sacrifices to break up evil

As contradictory as it may sound, a true witch, voodoo priest, spell caster does not torture the animal – it is done ritualistically “quickly” so the animal doesn’t suffer.

The “blood” is used as an offering. This exist since man began learning rituals.

It is POWERFUL! And should only be used in dire circumstances.

There are TONS of different ways to get what you want in spell work from chanting, prayers, song/drumming, petitioning the gods/entities for help, lighting candles and even offering “vegetarian” food offerings.

But animal sacrifice tops them all!

If you desire to discuss privately animal sacrifice to break up evil – please contact us today.

This is something that should be done by professionals only.