About Us

Break-Up-Spells.com is owned by Rose Bellerose, witch, psychic, mother, daughter, sister and wife. Originally from New York City, Cajun parents Carol and David, raised her in the arts of hoodoo, witchcraft and Santeria since 1972.

Gifted tarot card reader, Rose specializes in spells that break-up a couple, and reunites couples.

I do not judge people. You do not need to lie or explain “why” you desire to break up a couple. I will do a reading to see how the spell needs to be cast to breakup any couple you desire, and if you wish – bring one of them to be with you, or not. Rose

Casting spells since the age of 20 and successfully assisting family, friends and clients for over 3 decades now, you can now have her skills, powers and expertise help YOU in your relationship spell needs!

Order with complete confidence today.