Break Up Spells Wrong

Ethics of break up spells

Are break up spells ethically and morally wrong?

It depends on what the ultimate purpose of the breakup spell is.

If you are a mother frantic and in despair because your child is with someone who is abusive, and your child for some reason refuses to leave (or is afraid to). Then a breakup spell is completely justified.

If you are a scorned woman (or man) who’s best friend stole your lover, with no remorse (meaning that person doesn’t care what turmoil they wrecked in your life) – casting a break up spell to cause a BITTER end to that relationship, is not only “karmic payback”, its’ F-U-N! (sorry, are my “horns” showing? This is NOT your ordinary witch talking! Don’t mess with me, my bite is FIERCE!)

If you are in-lust, obsessed and just are hung-up on someone, who is currently unavailable, and you wish to cast a break up spell to bring that person back to you (or maybe give you a chance in the first place), then it depends on how “nasty” the spell is cast. (There are mild, moderately damaging, and NASTY break ups!)

Most people have a “reason” for casting a break up spell. Do not be ashamed of your reason(s)! No one can judge your feelings. No one has a right to!

When I cast a break up spell, the first thing I do is do a psychic reading to see the STATE of the relationship and the potential benefits (or not) of casting the spell.

Not all break up spells work unfortunately. There are usually a long list of reasons why they might fail, but most of the time the reason is that the client waited too long (i.e. too much time has past).

This is especially true when you want to break up your exes current relationship so you can be reconciled and get back together again.

The longer you wait, the more feelings of resentment and “its’ over” your ex will feel towards you, and the more opportunity to bond with their current partner.

So if you want to cast that break up spell, do it FAST. The sooner the better!

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