Spells to cause immediate change

Spells That Work Immediately

Spells that cause immediate change must be acted upon – immediately.

What I mean is the sooner you “handle” your current situation – the faster you will change things.

Don’t wait to cast a spell!

If you want a love spell that works immediately – don’t waste time “searching” for the perfect spell caster with the perfect spell!

The longer you wait, the harder things will be in the long run.

Let me give you an example:

A client husband asked her for a divorce. He did not file yet, he just told her he was leaving, going to move-in with his mistress and wanted a divorce.

Instead of immediately contacting us to prevent things from getting worse – she spent weeks searching online for a “cheaper” spell casting service.

Why??? Why did she wait? It wasn’t really about the money. It was fear of getting scammed.

When she finally came to us, after having spent hundreds on bogus $35 spell casters – 6 months had passed, her husband had begun divorce proceedings and get this, the house she lived in was in HIS business name, and she had signed a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage which basically stated “what was his before the marriage was still his in the event of a divorce”.

She was getting evicted from her house – by her estranged husband!

To add insult to injury, they used to work together in his business.

Now, the “mistress-soon-to-become-the-wife-after-the-divorce”, was working side-by-side him, having replaced his wife!

She had no money, no house, and not even enough to get a decent lawyer to defend her rights in the divorce proceedings.

She begged us/me to cast a “free spell” due to her about to become homeless.

We did something better (there is no such thing as a free spell – you must pay the deities/spirits with sacrifice!!!!).

I told her how about she paid 1/2 now, and 1/2 when she saw results. She agreed, pawned an expensive diamond/gold watch he had given her, and with that she was able to hire a good defense lawyer, and pay us 1/2 for the spell.

Her Spell Results:

  1. The lawyer was able to immediately get the eviction thrown out – she was married to this man for 15 years – no matter what, that house was there “matrimonial home” (and in the worst case scenario would have to be sold, with her getting 1/2 the proceeds).
  2. The spell targeted the other woman/mistress relationship – guess what happened? She was caught CHEATING with their accountant and STEALING money from my clients’ husband!!!! He called the cops on her and the accountant and they are awaiting trial! (No more mistress!!!!).
  3. He DROPPED the divorce filing, and is now with my client in couples’ counselling.

She promptly paid the other 1/2 owed on the spell AND purchased a new spell to keep her cheating, no good husband “leashed” like a good, faithful dog!

What is the moral of this story?

#1) Don’t waste time! If you have a situation that needs changing, CHANGE IT. (Beg, borrow, steal, pawn jewelry do whatever you can. At Break-Up-Spells.com we GUARANTEE results or 100% refund so you never lose!!!!)

#2) Be honest. If you cannot afford it, ask for a payment plan – and then don’t mess up, when you can PAY IT. (Do NOT piss off the witch that helped you!)

#3) Stop “shopping around”. Honestly, this isn’t Amazon where you search for the “cheapest” spell caster!

Cheaper means bull shit! Go with a pro!

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Divorce Spells

Divorce Spells Casting

If you want to divorce peacefully, cause a love rival, enemy or family member to divorce, or stop a divorce – spells can help.

A divorce spell is one step further than just breaking up a couple.

A divorce spell incorporates a legal dissolution of marriage – which will help things happen faster and smoother than without casting this type of spell.

How fast do divorce spells take to materialize? Remember, because marriage is a legal process – it still conforms to the local laws governing the State/jurisdiction where it will take place.

So you should contact an attorney in your/their area to find out how fast divorces are granted.

Let me give you an example of a celebrity who contacted me to cast a divorce spell for them.

They live in Los Angeles, CA and wanted a “quick divorce” – without drama, and to get alimony (spousal financial support).

There was a prenuptial agreement so my client knew that without a spell, most probably the courts would “drag” the divorce for a long time to debate whether the prenupt should be honored – or not, if contested.

A friend of my client went through a similar case where they fought the prenupt and they had to wait almost 3 years before winning “some” of the case.

In the State of California, all divorce cases have to wait at least 6 months – before the judge grants the divorce.

Yet, through my divorce spell casting, I was able to get my client divorced “favorably” (the judge did not honor the prenupt and deemed it unfair) – within 8 months time.

Of course they were already separated, the other spouse had a girlfriend – and was trying to “cheat” my client out of money.

But everything went smoothly due to the divorce case. (Again, 8 months may seem a long time, but remember in California ALL divorce cases have to wait a minimum of 6 months time – they can drag on forĀ years!)

So, in reality through my spell my client got divorced within 2 months time (and got “paid” without any problems).

Get Help

If you need to divorce a couple or from your own marriage and want things to happen – super faster (within the allowed time-frame in your area) – cast a divorce spell today!

Also, if you want to STOP a divorce, we can cast a spell for that too!

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