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We specialize in:

  • Love Spells
  • Break Up Spells
  • Divorce Spells
  • Reconciliation Spells
  • Marriage Spells
  • Sex Spells
  • Spells To Keep Your Partner Faithful
  • Revenge and Death Spells too!

What are you waiting for? If you are an adult, want real results then let us cast a spell for you – guaranteeing it is done right – and see immediate results today!

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Introducing Papa Estephan

Papa Estephan is a voodoo “bokor” and is available for “good” and “bad” spells (magic is neither good or bad – it is all subjective!).

What is a bokor? Here’s Wikipedia’s definition:

“A bokor (male) or caplata (female) is a Vodou witch for hire who is said to serve the loa “with both hands”, practicing for both good and evil. Their black magic includes the creation of zombies and the creation of ‘ouangas’, talismans that house spirits”.

So, if you want a FAST working love spell (in 7 days, not 1000!) – he will do “animal sacrifice” to get it done for you – guaranteed.

But if you need a “death spell” – he will cast it so the person “withers away” – or is hit by some drunk-driver!

That is why Papa Estephan is only available until November 7, 2019 here on Break Up Spells – before he leaves to Europe.

If you wish to cast a spell through him (he will receive the funds directly, he is a guest at our house and we are offering you the unique opportunity to access him here) – please read the following rules:

  1. You must be 21 years old or older – he does NOT cast spells on minors or for minors. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. You must be honest and CLEARLY state what you want the spell for and to whom it must be cast on. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Fill out the form below for a FREE evaluation. Wait 24 to 72 hours for his response.
  4. Understand the spell he will offer is: (a) NOT FREE – it will be expensive! (b) Results are GUARANTEED – he has 100% success rate, but it will also (c) require animal sacrifice (might be a rooster, a chicken or more, or a goat) – NO EXCEPTIONS!

So if you DISAGREE with any of the above 4 rules, please DO NOT fill out the form below.

Please prove you are human by selecting the Car.

You must be 21 years old or older to request a spell!!! NO EXCEPTIONS