Spells to break up and destroy relationships

Here are 3 different spells to break up and destroy relationships

Spell #1: Black Candle Break Up Spell

Buy a 5 to 7 day black candle. (Sold on Amazon here)
Write a “petition paper” (a piece of paper with the full name’s of the couple you desire to break up) and state clearly what you desire to happen in 1 sentences or two.

Example: “John Smith divorce, break up and leave Mary Smith forever immediately”.

Place this under the spell (you can SPIT on it if you really hate them).

Burn the candle until it is completely burned all the way.

Reduce the piece of paper to ashes, put it inside the empty candle jar.

Take the glass and “smash it” in the couples door or car!

Spell #2: Black Candle Couple Break Up Spell

Buy a black couple candle that are standing back-to-back (not facing each other). Available on Amazon – Here

On the “male” side, write (scratch with a pin or sharp knife on the candle) the full name of the man/person A and on the “female” side, write her/person B full name.

Add “hate oil” on the candles (cayenne pepper, black pepper, jalapeno pepper in castor oil – note wear gloves and careful not to breathe in – can cause respitory problems).

Curse the candle! Yell at it! Tell them (remember each side has the persons’ name written down so whatever you do to the candle or say to it, you are saying/doing to the people symbolically) – what you want them to do!

Allow the candle to burn down completely.

Spell #3: Permanent Fast-Working Break Up Spell Cast For You

You can hire us to cast the spell for you. Our spells show results fast – even if the couple is married!

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Break Up Spells

Spell to break up a couple

If you are seeking a spell to break up a couple, try the famous “lemon break up spell” found on Youtube (note: we are NOT affiliated with this youtuber! (C)opyright Youtube and spell caster on that channel – however this is a classic Hoodoo style spell you can do yourself).

Need Personalized Help In Break Up Spells?

If you have already tried that spell or others on your own and are not getting results – then you may need a psychic reading to see WHY it is not working for you and if you should try again or “move on”.


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