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Animal Sacrifice Spell

Animal Sacrifice Spells … Warning: This is black magic!

Why do people turn to black magic and animal sacrifice spells? Because it works – super fast.

The problem with “White Magic” spells

Many people become dissatisfied with results of white magic because it takes too long to see effects.

What ends up happening is that people “give up” and therefore never reap the benefits of spells.

See, white magic spells has an inherent problem: it does not really violate the person (or target/victim of the spell) “free will”.

Black magic doesn’t care about someones’ free will – its YOUR will be done, not theirs!

Black magic spells work fast because of this, and when you add “animal sacrifice” (where the blood of the animal is given either to a deity or empowers the actual fetish/mojo/charm etc… – it works DOUBLE FAST.

Pros of Black Magic / Animal Sacrifice Spells:

  • The spell can literally work in hours. It is the most real, “instant results” you can get! Starts working the minute it is finished.
  • Results can be seen in days – not weeks/months.
  • Results are “permanent” – you do not have to keep recasting. Once is enough!

Cons of Black Magic / Animal Sacrifice Spells:

  • An animal is sacrificed. (Can be anything from a dove, to a goat depending on the spell’s nature/intention/goal).
  • Is expensive as not everyone wants to sacrifice an animal.
  • Has to be done correctly to be efficient. You cannot be a “beginning witch” to cast it.

Many people think they will go to “hell” or be punished “x 3” for casting black magic spells.

The truth is, there is no “Santa Claus” keeping a list if you are being naughty or nice and will put a lump of coal for casting this type of spell.

The worst thing about black magic spells is really the “animal sacrifice” part – that is all.

If you are squeamish, many spell casters that do this type of work do not require you to be present. A photo of the “victim” is usually all that is required.

Want real, fast, permanent results? Don’t mind the cost?

Stop wasting time and cast a

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