Should You Cast A Break Up Spell

Not sure if you should cast a break up spell?

Here are the top ethical reasons to do so:

  1. Someone is trying to steal your lover/spouse and you need to get rid of them.
  2. You have been having problems in your relationship and your lover/spouse has strayed – and you want them back.
  3. You have a love rival/enemy who is out to destroy you.
  4. You cannot get over someone who has left – but is now with someone else.
  5. You are trying to protect someone you care about from a BAD relationship they are currently in.
  6. You truly believe you and they are “soulmates”, and for some reason they are with the wrong person right now (and not with you).

Now there is a “seventh” reason – “revenge”!

Revenge is when you are angry or jealous about a relationship. This is where people think that spells in particular “break up spells” are bad.

Well, I’m going to be completely honest with you – revenge is a NATURAL human feeling!

You cannot bottle up the angst that is an effect of feelings of revenge. I believe casting a spell is the NICEST way to “exorcise” that feeling of wanting to get back at someone (beats “beating them with a baseball bat!”)

All kidding aside, if you can cast a spell to take vengeance of someone and “let it go” afterwards – it is very, very therapeutic for you.

But the key in revenge breakup spells is to¬†let it go once you have cast the spell and let the spell do its thing (without you monitoring its’ progress).

Otherwise you risk becoming OBSESSED with the target of the revenge break-up-spells!

So stop feeling guilty about wanting to cast a break up spell – if your heart and mind are in agreement, not only will it work fast – but will bring RELIEF.

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