How Fast Do Spells Work

How fast do spells work and you get to experience/see results? Depends on two important things:

  1. How complicated are the circumstances in the way of your goals.
  2. How soon you cast the spell.

How Complicated…

Say you desire someone who is with someone else now. You would need two spells: one to break them up, and another to get them to be with you.

But, lets’ make it more complicated. Assume that the person you want was once with you – and through some problems, the two of you not only broke up – but now that person no longer even wishes to see you.

Hey, lets’ throw in something even more complicated – imagine that the police was involved in your break up – and they now have a “restraining order” against you (a legal court document that says you must not contact them and must stay X distance away from them physically).

Would a spell still work? Yes!

We just cast a spell with the exact problems. Now, let me explain the difference between a complex spell above and the one that follows.

A simple break up spell and love spell example: the person you desire is with someone else. You two do not have any court orders or other MAJOR blocks to being with one another.

You two simply met at the wrong time, and they moved on.

Simple Love Spell w/Break Up Spell will take about 3 days to 21 days to manifest.

{The couple broke up, and the man came back to be with our client within 12 days in a real case file}

Extreme Problematic (lots of obstacles) Break Up Spell / Love Spell (with a “Restraining Order”) took us 61 days to manifest in a recent real case file!

Monkey Wrench …

Now, if for example the person you desire is legally married, and you want to become their legal spouse – you need to adjust the time frames above by how “fast” divorces are granted in your area. That is why we always give a general time-frame to clients.

There has only been one spell that took 1 years time to work – and that was a “get sick and die” revenge spell that a client asked us to cast on their nemesis.

It took a whole year for the person to get sick physically and die. We’re talking a year to the date of the spell having been cast! (The client confirmed it and even sent us the obituary. The person battled a disease that led to death and the family stated it came “out of the blue”).

But even in that spell, since the client said they wanted them to suffer a slow, painful death – the spell worked exactly as they wished.

So, do spells work? Yes! How long to see results? Depends on the circumstances surrounding your spell.

The only other thing you must worry about is…

How Soon You Cast The Spell

It amazes me how many people contact us for a spell, and then don’t actually cast the spell.

Some clients wait “months” before deciding. Some confess they actually “shopped around” for the best price.

This is NOT about price, this is about RESULTS!

We guarantee ALL of our spells 100% RESULTS – or FULL REFUND. Period.

But while you may be “shopping around” for the best price, time is marching on – and usually that translates to missed opportunities.

The longer you wait to actually cast the spell, the longer you will have to wait to see the desired results.

Trust your gut. Ask for help and then in the words of Nike “just do it”!

Blessings and good luck to you!