Love Spells

To cast a love spell you will need to know the person(s) full name, and optionally have either:

  • something personal (a photo, something they’ve touched, worn, hair, etc…)
  • You can substitute just their full name and photo if you don’t have the above, but the more you have – the stronger the “link” to the person you want to affect through a love spell.

Please make sure you know what you want. You cannot cast a spell and be “wishy-washy” – not knowing clearly what you want the person to do/feel.

Think of a spell ritual as the arrow, and the goal of the spell as the “bulls-eye” – then aim, and FIRE!

If you don’t have a clear goal, do not cast the spell!

Also, stop pretending to “care” about the other persons’ “free will”. If you are casting a spell, you want YOUR will to be done.

So, casting a love spell and saying something like “If it be the will of the universe” – is letting the “wind” decide which way you should go.

Be clear, stay firm, but be flexible.


Now, unlike the movie “The Secret” – gods and goddesses are not your slave, and your wish is NOT their command! So if asking a goddess or god or other being for something – please be courteous.

You do not want to PISS OFF the very beings that want to help you!

And for the love of all that is good and holy – do not be a dictator. When casting a spell you want a clear, well-defined goal – but not to the point that you are statingĀ exactly how it should happen.

“I want Johnny to leave his wife on Tuesday, January 21, 2041 at 11:07 PM and be at my house at 11:21 PM exactly!”

That is just too much. Be firm in yourself – in what you desire to happen, but allow the universe some flexibility in getting what you desire in the FASTEST, most appropriate way!

D.I.Y. Love Spells

You do not have to hire someone to cast a love spell for you! You can do it yourself, just be patient with the results.

The simplest love spell in the world is on the night of a full moon, look up at the moon, and make a wish for what you desire. No candles required.

Oh, and please say “please” and “thank you” to the Goddess!

However, depending on what you need – it may not happen fast.

Or, things may actually get “worse”!

You see, a spell is an act of “your will” vs “theirs”.

Sometimes, people with strong will power won’t easily budge and bend to your will, which is why you hire a witch.

When Its Time To Hire A Spell Caster

You can always try doing it yourself – but know when its’ time to hire a pro!

We all need help from time-to-time.

That is the nature of life. You can’t always do it alone.

If you have tried casting love spells (from simple request to the Goddess of the Moon, to a all out complex ritual) and do not see the desired results – you may need to hire a profession spell caster / psychic / witch (or whatever he/she calls themselves).

But how do you know you’ve found the “right one” to handle the job?

Unfortunately, there is no “Angie’s List” or “Yelp” for witches (none that I know about). Why is that? Because many clients value their privacy.

Even in 2019, the United States of America has a Vice President who is 110% Christian (and is vehemently opposed to witchcraft) – so yeah, Salem Witch Trials may have long been over, but the stigma of witchcraft still exists even today.

You hear about “bad” witches but never about the good ones? Why is that? Because they are kept a SECRET! (Plus, the supposed “bad witches” might be victims of competitors trying to defame them, you never know!!!! Witchcraft is a competitive field, and there are many many fakers out there trying to get shine/clout using someone’s name – so careful with reviews – they can be faked – both the good and bad ones!).

I suggest starting off with a psychic reading and trust your gut.

Did they use generic things in your reading and not really address your issue? Or did they hit the nail on the head?

Does your gut say “trustworthy spell caster” – or does it feel quesy and its’ telling you to “beware”?

Everyone promises results, but the truth of the matter we witches are NOT gods. We are human beings just like you.

And we make mistakes too! So do doctors, lawyers, police officers, your churches pastors, etc… Humans. We make mistakes.

So what can you do to help a love spell work?

1. Be honest with the psychic. Let him or her know if you’ve tried before and if it has failed. Ask if what you want is possible.

There, I said it! Sometimes what we want simply IS NOT possible. Can you handle the truth? Could you let go if not possible?

2. Don’t withhold information.

If you are the mistress, don’t lie or withhold information and pretend to be the wife in order to get sympathy from the spell caster and not look like the bad guy trying to steal someone’s husband! Be honest so your spell can work.

3. Be realistic with expectations.

If you want a movie star, celebrity or musician – and have no way of being in that persons’ real life circle (I’m not talking Instagram/Facebook or TikTok!) – then it will be hard for the love spell to work on them because they do not have access to you.

In fact, I will confess something from my own personal life.

When I was a teen I had the biggest crush on a tv celeb. I cast a love spell on him and kept his photo on my altar.

But, I did not live in Hollywood. I was not in the Entertainment industry. We did not hang out in the same places, nor did I have any way of being near him. Back then, social media did not even exist!

Yes, I could go to “meet/greets” he might be at. And if he was in my city, I could attend premieres, but I would be just another face in the crowd!

Was it realistic to cast a spell on a guy that didn’t know I even existed? No.

And guess what happened? As soon as I realized this, I took his photo off my altar – and he immediately got married to a famous actress! (He had been a single dude for 36 years, and within 1 month of my removing his pic, he married somebody. I didn’t even know they were dating!!!).

I honestly suspect that my love spell help him feel he NEEDED to marry. I guess I actually helped his wife (damn it! Not at all what I wanted to happen).

So you see, you must step back from the emotions of desiring that person, and before casting the spell – manage your expectations.

If what you want is realistic – then go for it. If not, see if there is ANOTHER way of obtaining your goal.

Afterall, love spells is only ONE tool in the toolbox of life!

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