Love Spells

Do Love Spells Work?

The answer is YES – love spells do work! They work fast, they can be permanent (or temporary if you want it to be) – and they do not need to harm anyone (unless you want it to!).

What are the side effects of love spells?

The most common types of love spell side effects are:

  1. The target person of the love spell (the person you cast it on) will find themselves constantly thinking of you.
  2. The target person will have dreams of you.
  3. The target person may call someone else by your name.
  4. Whenever they speak, they may say your name instead of something else. (Example: supposing your name is Mary: “I spoke with my Mary – I mean mom today!”)
  5. Songs, scents, movies may remind them of you.
  6. Depending on the targets’ personality (whether they are extroverted or shy) – they may not speak when you are around (as if they become extra shy).
  7. At first they may actually AVOID YOU (due to fear of  the pain you’ll reject them, or confusion about how intense they feel about you all of the sudden).
  8. They may tell family and friends you are “the one” or their “soul mate”.
  9. They may summon up the courage to tell you how they really feel about you AFTER they feel confident you won’t reject them.
  10. Eventually they will “shout” to the world they are in love with you.

Free love spells that work immediately

If you are looking for easy love spells with just words (just write what you want down) – this video features free love spells that works in minutes.

These love spells to do at home are fast, simple and works. All you need is the name of the person you desire, and to write what you want to happen. Check it out:

Voodoo love spells vs love spells Wicca

Which is more powerful, a voodoo love spell or a Wicca love spell? The answer is BOTH are powerful. One is not better or lesser than the other.

They are two different systems of magic, based off of two different religions. (Voodoo is from Vodoun a Afro-Haitian religion and Wicca is a European religion).

They are two different approaches to obtaining love from a specific individual.

Love spells with red candles

Buy a red candle (any size large enough to etch the person you desire name on it) and using a brand new pin, starting from the bottom going towards the wick write the full name of the person you desire on it.

Love spells using urine or other type of “DNA”

Using the red candle as described above, take some of your “DNA” (saliva, blood, menstrual blood, semen or urine – your choice) and smear it on the candle while reciting the following:

Love spells chants

“By the power of 3×3,
[Say the name of the person you desire]
Falls completely in love with me,
as I have willed it – so shall it be!”

Love Spell Casters – Spell Cast For You

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