Revenge Break Up Spells

You want to DESTROY your enemy by casting a revenge break up spell? Read on.

A break up spell is a special type of spell that separates two (or more) persons’ from interacting with one another.

A revenge spell is a particular type of ritual where you are “paying someone back with ill-intentions” because they did something to harm you or a loved one.

Combine the two, and you now are doing the spell to separate the couple – and PUNISH one or both of them.

This is black magic (but cast correctly will NOT cause karmic problems).

You should know what you are doing or hire someone to cast this spell for you.

Results are based on what you specifically designed the spell to do (or told the spell caster you want).

Depending on the complexity of the situation, your results can manifest in days, weeks, or maybe a few months (example: if the couple is married then a divorce will take as fast as is permitted by their local laws.).

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