What to do when all else fails

I know many people who come to me because they have earnestly tried — but all attempts have failed.

They are broken-hearted that they cannot find true love, or that the person they believe is their soul mate, is not with them.

If you are suffering from these issues, there IS a solution!

Solution #1: Get a tarot reading if you have not done so already – to determine what is happening that is blocking your dream from coming true.

A tarot reading by a competent psychic will show what areas need work, what obstacles are in the way – and how to get rid of them.

Solution #2:┬áTake cleansing baths/clean your aura. Sometimes due to envy, hexes, curses – bad luck attaches itself to you. This is like a “black cloud” hanging over you that no matter how powerful a spell is – nothing seems to be going right in your life.

Typically that is a sign you need to cleanse away whatever negativity surrounds you – so your spells/life can improve and work the way you want them to.

A simple cleansing bath uses Florida Water (see picture below), rue soap (or leaves in a tea can be substituted) and sage will do the trick.

Cleansing toolsTip: You can find “Florida Water Cologne” in pharmacies, Walgreens, Walmart, local supermarket in Spanish neighborhoods or online. Rue soap, sage and the cologne are all available on Amazon.com as well.

Instructions: Light the sage incense and pass it through every area of your home. This is to remove all negative energies out of your home. Keep it burning in a heat resistance container or incense holder.

Prepare your bath. Take about a cap-size full of the Florida Water Cologne and drop it into warm water (either a full tub or bucket of water with warm water).

Use the Rue soap to lather yourself (or if using the actual leaves, have a tea prepared and add it to your bath water or put in the bucket of water with the Florida Water).

Alternative #1) If using the soap, lather up and rinse off the soap. Then, making sure not to get the Florida Water Cologne in your eye (burns!!!) Pour the bucket containing the cologne over your self and do not towel, but “air dry” and wear some white clothes.

Alternative #2) If you are soaking in a tub, use either the tea made of Rue or soap and pour the cap-full into the tube swirl everything with your power hand (the hand you write with) – soak in it then carefully rinse off with regular water but again do not towel-dry but instead “air dry” your body and wear white clothes.

In either case simply pray that all negative energies, all curses, all hexes all obstacles in the way are hereby “broken”.

Solution #3:┬áTry again. Yes, sometimes you can get what you want with just one spell, but if there are obstacles/issues – then a “push” spell might just be the extra thing needed to push the obstacles out of the way – so your desires can manifest.

This is not meant as a “do-over”. A push spell is something that helps the previous spells.

And remember, spell “delays” do not mean “denial”!